Choose Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. to partner with you in your search for Excavation / Mass Earthwork & Grading best practices and solutions. With our proven construction experience and professional knowledge, along with interpretation of the Geotechnical Engineers subsurface soil investigations, we are capable of supporting clientele in achieving project goals. By assisting you with value construction engineering, Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. develops strategies for cost efficient and effective earth movement and placement, in order to reduce and mitigate the owners and clients site improvement costs. We then deliver results on time and within budget.

Efficiencies are obtained through constant reinvestment in the latest technology.  Pillari Bros. uses Satellite Positioning and Digital 3D models so that machine operators can see themselves moving on the site in real time for a stakeless grading operation.  This eliminates the need to place and replace stakes, increasing productivity and decreasing expensive over-excavation delays passing cost savings on to owners.