Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. has certain operational goals as they pertain to the health and safety of our clients, employees, subcontractors, and the general public affiliated with us.

Pillari Bros. Construction Corp.’s pledge to health and safety begins at the management level. Proper planning is pivotal to ensure a safe and efficient workplace. It is our promise to provide our employees with up-to-date training, the highest quality materials, and the latest personal protective equipment available.

The health and safety of our employees shall in no case be compromised in order to reduce costs, increase productivity, or meet a schedule date. Compromising safety unmistakably results in lost time injuries. This leads to schedule regression, decreased quality and increased costs; all of which ultimately lead to client dissatisfaction.

Keeping the core principals of Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. in mind, a clear disregard for safety will NOT be tolerated. We anxiously await the future in hopes that our unparalleled dedication to client satisfaction, quality construction, and most of all, health and safety continues.

As such, Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. has several key business partners in the health and safety markets whose responsibilities are to develop and implement safety programs and to educate and influence employees through policies, practices, procedures and training.