3D GPS Excavation & Grading used by Pillari Bros.

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Pillari Bros. philosophy is to work with the best. Our crew is here to perform your job better, faster than our competition and as safely as possible. But in order to serve you better, we obtain efficiencies by constantly reinvesting in the latest technology. Our Satellite Positioning and Digital 3D GPS models are used so

Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. celebrates 30 Years!

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Pillari Bros. Construction Corp. is proud of providing quality construction services since 1985. Since the beginning we have dedicated ourselves to becoming our clients’ allies in their construction projects and delivering the best results, on time, on budget and safely. We have continuously invested in our employees and our equipment to make sure we meet

Satellite Positioning and Digital 3D Models

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Efficiencies are obtained through constant reinvestment in the latest technology. Pillari Bros. uses Satellite Positioning and Digital 3D models so that machine operators can see themselves moving on the site in real time for a stakeless grading operation. This eliminates the need to place and replace stakes, increasing productivity and decreasing expensive over-excavation delays passing

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